1920s Hair & Makeup – Peaky Blinders Night Out

Peaky Blinders nights out seem to be everywhere right now, so it was such a pleasure to be asked by the beautiful Kim to assist with her 1920s hair and makeup look.

Arriving at Kim’s home, we discussed her ideas. She showed me her fringed dress and we selected her accessories, everything from choka’s to pearls, wigs and feathers, sequins and gloves, it was so much fun.

Makeup was applied first much to Kim’s delight. She’d always wanted to try a smokey eye, but wasn’t 100% it would suit her, however after application, Kim was thrilled and more than confident to be able to carry this look off with all the sass required. ¬†Hair was typical 1920s, side parting pull back with rolled over hair up at the back of the head secured into the nape of the neck, which lent itself nicely to the positioning of her sequinned feathered headband.

The result was striking!


Please contact Trixie for any occasion/party makeup you have in mind and she will be more than happy to assist you, from idea concept to finished beauty.


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Stay Fabulous!!