Beautiful Boudoir Fashion Photo Shoot at Stubton Hall



So it was a really hot and super sunny day on arrival at the beautiful Stubton Hall in Newark at the end of April.  This venue is truly stunning, and what a privilege that we got to shoot in such an amazing place, courtesy of the generosity of the private owner. The grounds are lush and extensive, the interior, luxurious, with chandeliers, sweeping staircase and large stylish rooms over looking the water features and gardens. Leather sofa’s adorn the bar and mens lounge and the ceremony room is full of natural light, mirrors and selected paintings.

Our professional creatives, Trixie, Lead Makeup Artist for Libertii Beau, Paul Massey, for Massey Photography Lincoln, and Petra, owner at Petra Bentley Hair met up with models, Amber Tutton and MoMo for makeup and hair prep beginning at 9am.  We were fortunate enough to be allocated the Bridal Suite in which to prep, so plenty of space, and we were soon consumed by inspiration and a willingness as a working team to create something special between us.

Makeup for the first look was a clash of colour, royal blues and hues mixed with vivid purples and glitter splashes for Amber, with hair of the most dramatic fashion to compliment. Together the look was striking!

Trixie styled the shoot and a feather collar of the richest and deepest blues and diamond detail was worn around Amber’s neck which added boudoir drama to the Stella McCartney body and Mayfair Stockings for this haute couture look. WOW!

stub test-29

Makeup for the first look for model MoMo, was in keeping with the style described above, Trixie gave MoMo a luxury intense flash of gold full across the eyes reaching and blended into very highlighted cheekbones with a slick of bronzer and a rich claret lip with a black glitter splash and high gloss. Full glittered black eyelashes gave the eyes further definition, while Petra, piled the hair high with beautiful in-depth curling detail which added height and fullness.  A rich claret and orange feather collar and half body was worn by MoMo and further styled with french knickers and wrap and Mayfair Stockings.

stub test-48

We were all set for the first shoot of the day!

Paul was simply fantastic, he took absolute control of the surroundings, lighting and positioning of models giving direction when needed and our professional models responded superbly. On set it was so exciting to see everything coming together and we had a lot of fun throughout.  Paul started off in the ceremony room for the best light with the initial intention being to take portrait pictures, which have come out fabulously. He went on to photograph our models together before moving into the hallway to capture full atmospheric luxury with the models on the staircase and chandeliers above. Just beautiful!

stub test-57 stub test -167

We decided to change the second look to soft more muted makeup and hair, with subtle tones in makeup and soft curls and waves for the hair. Amber and MoMo changed into lingerie of lace and shimmer, with a touch of diamonte on the stockings too. The theme was now flowing and everyone, including our very valuable assistants, Kaja and Chloe were pulling it all together.  We moved into the mens lounge and bar for our final shots of the day and all agreed it had been very productive and most enjoyable.

stub test-342 stub test-304

The results have exceeded our expectations, Paul has done amazing things with the lighting, makeup and hair was stunning and it really couldn’t have gone any better. We are all so delighted with the final images, that we have decided to work as a team once again.  So stay posted for more magical creations coming your way towards the autumn.


The Team:

Trixie MUA

Paul Photography

Petra Hairstylist

Models Amber & MoMo


Feathers made and provided by Margaret Rose for Libertii Beau MUA

Lingerie supplied by Browns Lingerie and Beachwear, Leicester

Stockings are available to order at Mayfair Stockings, London


All images are subject to copyright and remain the property of Libertii Beau MUA at – Massey Photography Lincoln – Petra Bentley Hair

Thank you for reading and till the next time…


Stay Fabulous!!