An Evening with Peter Andre & Fashion Show Charity Event

Thursday evening was just so amazing.

I was invited to assist with model hair and makeup by Betty Brown Boutique, Leicester, for their charity fashion show in association with Hope Against Cancer, at the Leicester Arena.

HMUA Trixie & Model Chalis, behind the scene's in prep

HMUA Trixie & Model Chalis, behind the scene’s in prep

The event, An Evening with Peter Andre, followed the fashion showcase that absolutely WOW’d the audience with stunning women’s fashion creations. Hosted by celebrity snooker personality, Wille Thorne, it was a truly wonderful evening that kicked off early with Peter Andre’s ‘meet and greet’ and followed with an interview about Peter’s rise to fame.

I was lucky enough to be able to prep ‘the face’ of Betty Brown Boutique, model Chalis, seen here below in a behind the scenes image and looking absolutely stunning!

Chalis, prepped by HMUA Trixie

Chalis, prepped by HMUA Trixie

Hair and Makeup Artists from around the region, prepped the beautiful models, 11 in total, styling hair in pretty fashion free low buns worn at the nape of the neck, with wispy strands left out to soften the whole look. Betty Brown Boutique, requested that makeup image should be very italian, with eyeliner kat-flicks and striking full red lips. A real statement look for the independent woman. A look that naturally favoured the clothing, which was also vivid in colour, with lime green florals on black, red feathers and sequin gowns. The stylish show was a really beautifully cohesive with a blend of differing colour collections, modelled flawlessly by lovely professionals that walked the catwalk with ownership.

I also prepped the very striking, Twiggy-esque, Grace, seen below in a behind the scene’s image wearing an exquisite Betty Brown silver grey, shimmering gown.

Grace, prepped by HMUA Trixie

Grace, prepped by HMUA Trixie

Very impressive, and such a pleasure to have been part of this event, for a whole number of reasons.

Working behind the scene’s with other very talented HMUA’s was really amazing. Not only was everyone so very supportive of each other we all made an AWESOME TEAM!

Chalis, behind the scene's, prepped by HMUA Trixie

Chalis, behind the scene’s, prepped by HMUA Trixie

Official photograph’s to follow soon…

Thanks to:

Peter Andre

Willie Thorne

Betty Brown Boutique

HMUA: Bhavita, Sandie, Trixie, Gemma

All the Beautiful Models

Hope Against Cancer

Kong Events

Leicester Arena

Stay Fabulous!!